Our story

Founded by Helen and Dan in 2015, WOMBA (Work, Me and the Baby) was borne out of a desire to champion and develop the careers of working parents, and to combat the negative association between career progression and parenting.

Alison joined as a director in 2018. With a similar background to Dan and Helen, she is an experienced coach, a successful executive and a proud mum of two. Whereas Dan and Helen have a background in Retail and Retail Financial Services, Alison has a Marketing and Healthcare background.

As parents, we have all experienced the highs and lows of starting a family whilst trying to grow our careers. It’s not easy, and there’s no magic formula to remove all the challenges. But we do believe that our programmes and 1:1 support offer timely development and support for your employees so they can progress their careers, if they decide it’s right for them.

We’re very proud and passionate about the work we do. We hope you get as much from it as we do.

Early clients included a broad, cross industry swathe of organisations such as Tesco, Talk Talk and Nationwide. Since then, WOMBA has evolved and become a coaching practice that helps organisations provide their workforce with crucial support during periods of personal and organisational change.

Coaching makes a real difference on individual and group levels. Our well designed coaching programmes and effective 1:1 coaching helps organisations attract, retain and nurture their talent particularly during times of significant change.

Coaching is particularly effective for new parents, those making leadership transitions, people returning to work and those that are feeling left behind as an organisation is changing around them.

WOMBA is a thought leader on diversity and inclusion and we’re passionate about supporting employees at the time they most need it.

We take a collaborative approach with corporate partners, often working with D&I, HR and L&D functions.