GLD Working and Parenting Well Survey

“How on earth do I do this and home school my kids?”

1. How many children do you have at home?
01234 or more

2. What stage are your children at?
PrenatalPre-schoolPrimary schoolSecondary school

3. Prior to the outbreak, did you have any experience of home schooling or home education?
Yes, formal experienceYes, informal experienceNo experience

4. Are you receiving support from your family or a partner?
Yes, a great dealYes, some supportNot enough from my family/partnerNo family or partner support

6. Are you able to keep your regular business hours?
YesI'm trying, but it's difficultI have had to significantly modify my scheduleIt's chaos

7. Has GLD been understanding about your current challenges?
YesSomewhatGLD isn't doing anything to make it easierGLD is making things harder

Plutchik's Wheel of Emotion:

Plutchik's Wheel of Emotion