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When does your imposter strike?

19 July 2018 | Our Views

When I was asked to host a group coaching session for SheSays on Imposter Syndrome, I wasn’t expecting the unleashing of my imposter. Over the last few years my professional life has become closer to my purpose and in particular my coaching work with WOMBA where we help workplaces become…
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4 October 2017 | Our Views

  In order to fix a problem, you first need to understand it. What is bothering me at the moment, is that a number of wide-reaching programmes are being implemented across various industries to address the real issue of a lack of women in the talent pipeline. But the majority…
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I’m under no illusions about how hard juggling work and family life will be

20 January 2017 | Our Views

Making the effort to return to the workforce after my baby is born is anything but the easy option. But having dedicated such a lot to my career over the years, I’m unwilling to give it up in a single stroke. Working in a company with a good maternity scheme,…
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How everything and nothing changes, when working abroad or having a baby

13 December 2016 | Our Views

How I felt on my return from working abroad is the closest parallel I’ve been able to find in terms of how it can feel to return from maternity. The nose dive in self-confidence in particular. I was in the States for almost a year the first time. My return…
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Fruit and veg and feedback

5 December 2016 | Our Views

When I was young – a year younger than my daughter is now, I spent a year in America as part of my sandwich degree, working for a supermarket chain, where I learnt something unexpected. Working a rotation of departments, I particularly enjoyed working back of house, in the warehouse…
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