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How to be the best version of yourself

27 November 2018 |Our Views

How to be ‘your best self’ is a BIG question! A question that may take a life time – and possibly longer – to master. Preparing for an event to senior HR professionals I asked myself how could I do something in one hour that would be helpful? I started…
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The work-life juggle – why it’s ok not to “Be Perfect”

22 November 2018 |Our Views

Preparing for group coaching sessions makes me stop and think. It makes me reflect on my experience and what’s helped me, and how I can share. I recently led a #worklifebalance workshop at Nationwide Building Society’s Women in Technology event. This was attended by over 200 women, many of whom…
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Mum Helen Mum – how some beads on a grubby bit of string make me feel thankful

6 November 2016 |Our Views

I have a little panic every time I can’t see the little piece of grubby white string with tiny letters threaded onto it which I keep in my dressing table. When my daughter was around six, she presented me with these little coloured cubes, spelling out the words, ‘Mum Helen…
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