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I’m under no illusions about how hard juggling work and family life will be

20 January 2017 |Our Views

Making the effort to return to the workforce after my baby is born is anything but the easy option. But having dedicated such a lot to my career over the years, I’m unwilling to give it up in a single stroke. Working in a company with a good maternity scheme,…
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Managing maternity: common mistakes and how to avoid them

6 July 2016 |Our Views

Recent reports confirm that pregnancy / maternity discrimination is more prevalent than ever. However, in the same vein, it has been reported that employers are keen to do right by pregnant staff and support them as much as possible throughout their pregnancy, maternity leave, and on their return. The law…
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Maternity is not a vacation

31 May 2016 |Our Views

Throughout my career, I have heard various colleagues refer to maternity leave as being somewhat of a holiday. Those same colleagues have quickly revised those opinions when they or their partner find themselves at home on maternity leave trying to juggle all the tasks that come with looking after a…
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