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Shared parental leave campaign features in Pick Me Up! magazine

8 November 2019 |News

The #ShareBaby campaign is growing as more people and organisations understand the need for and the benefits of letting parents decide how they want to parent and spend the first few months with their babies. Companies committing to offering shared parental leave benefits to dads AND…
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SheSays campaign launches for shared parental leave

22 August 2019 |News

Since I had my children (some years ago now!), it’s been great to see the positive changes for working mums. But what about the dads? All parents should have the opportunity to combine working with raising their family – in a way that is equitable, doesn’t disadvantage them and…
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The show must go on

27 September 2016 |Our Views

Empty spaces – what are we living for Abandoned places – I guess we know the score On and on, does anybody know what we are looking for.. I don’t think Freddie Mercury had working mothers on his mind when he wrote those words but for…
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Managing maternity: common mistakes and how to avoid them

6 July 2016 |Our Views

Recent reports confirm that pregnancy / maternity discrimination is more prevalent than ever. However, in the same vein, it has been reported that employers are keen to do right by pregnant staff and support them as much as possible throughout their pregnancy, maternity leave, and on their return. The law…
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Maternity is not a vacation

31 May 2016 |Our Views

Throughout my career, I have heard various colleagues refer to maternity leave as being somewhat of a holiday. Those same colleagues have quickly revised those opinions when they or their partner find themselves at home on maternity leave trying to juggle all the tasks that come with looking after a…
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