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Shared parental leave campaign features in Pick Me Up! magazine

8 November 2019 |News

The #ShareBaby campaign is growing as more people and organisations understand the need for and the benefits of letting parents decide how they want to parent and spend the first few months with their babies. Companies committing to offering shared parental leave benefits to dads AND…
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SheSays campaign launches for shared parental leave

22 August 2019 |News

Since I had my children (some years ago now!), it’s been great to see the positive changes for working mums. But what about the dads? All parents should have the opportunity to combine working with raising their family – in a way that is equitable, doesn’t disadvantage them and…
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Why isn’t the gender gap shifting?

22 August 2019 |Our Views

The gender pay gap is proving to be very stubborn, even though many employers are making a concerted effort to close it. When I was researching this issue for our partnership with SheSays on their ShareBaby campaign two facts jumped out. The first: incredibly, there are still no sectors in…
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