What we do

Working Parents Programmes

These customised programmes support your employees as they transition out and back into the workplace when starting a family or welcoming a new family member. Support is typically provided before, during and after parental leave and usually comprise group workshops and targeted 1:1 support. Parents will leave the programme with a greater sense of confidence and resilience.

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Managers Programmes

These bespoke programmes empower managers to support their teams in  times of major change, typically as the organisation diversifies, becomes more inclusive and develops its talent pipeline. Programmes consist of workshops and can include targeted 1:1 support. Managers will leave with a toolbox of strategies to see their teams through challenging times with positive outcomes.

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Diversity & Inclusion Consulting

Change isn’t always easy, so we design programmes to deliver in tandem with your Diversity & Inclusion strategy. By providing support for long serving employees, we ensure everyone feels valued while changes are implemented and no one feels left behind. Our coaching work has given us unique insights into how to achieve inclusion and get team buy-in on diversity measures.

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