Managers Programmes

We design and deliver bespoke programmes that empower your managers to best support their teams in times of major personal or organisational change, typically as the organisation diversifies, becomes more inclusive and develops its talent pipeline.

We offer a range of support for managers including group programmes, 1:1 coaching and webinars.

Managers will leave with a toolbox of strategies to see themselves and their teams through challenging times with positive outcomes.

Group Programmes

Managing parental leave programme

This workshop supports managers with team members taking or returning from parental leave. This process can be complex and daunting even if they’re parents themselves. This targeted line manager workshop is designed to increase their knowledge, skills and confidence to support returning parents.

Leading change programme

A programme of support for core management who may at times feel left behind or less valued as the organisation rolls out Diversity and Inclusion policies. It is important that the needs of this core group are understood and managed. Workshops help participants feel valued and in control of the change around them, and underscores their importance in introducing, delivering and embedding any new strategies.

1:1 Coaching

1:1 Leading change coaching

Personalised support for managers who are leading and managing teams through periods of significant change. Every person responds in a different way and at their own pace. Through greater awareness and understanding of their own and their teams’ responses, managers become more resilient, flexible and confident.

1:1 Emerging leader coaching

A programme for managers stepping up in the organisation. Essential skills such as stakeholder management, difficult conversations and negotiating may be covered by your organisation, but we address crucial psychological aspects of management that are seldom touched on like work-life balance, stress management, increased self-awareness and boundary setting.

1:1 Executive coaching

Executives also need to take stock. This one-to-one coaching creates a safe, confidential space in which leaders can reflect on opportunities and challenges, re-focus, re-energise, and if needed be supported to relaunch themselves to achieve their full potential.


For clients who operate across multiple locations or who want to offer support to many employees, we work with a third party to deliver topic-specific webinars that can be followed-up with in-person or telephone coaching sessions.