Working parents programmes

WOMBA is a coaching practice with a reputation for thoughtful, research-backed support programmes that help employers and working parents. By investing in your employees at a time of important personal change, you retain and empower talent and build your reputation as an employer of choice.

Our approach is shaped by each organisation’s unique strategy and the needs of its employees. The effectiveness of our programmes comes through working closely with internal functions such as Diversity & Inclusion, Learning & Development and HR.

Programmes include a series of group workshops that take place at key points before, during and after parental leave.

They can include targeted 1:1 support when needed. We can also upskill managers of working parents.

Parental Transitions Programme

Help your working parents navigate the practical, professional and psychological challenges that come with starting and raising a family so they return to work confident, resilient and productive. We tailor the design, content and timing of the workshops to the specific needs of your organisation.

Parental 1:1 Coaching

Our coaches specialise in working with parents and understand the pressures of having a career and a family, as they are themselves balancing parenting with a career. These effective coaching sessions will help your employees overcome roadblocks and build resilience on their journey as working parents. Available in blocks of three or six sessions.

Parental Open Programme

Designed for smaller organisations to support working parents as they start or grow a family. Workshops run regularly through the year and focus on providing psychological support before, during or after parental leave. With this flexible programme, each workshop is designed to work on its own and it is not essential for employees to attend every workshop.

Returners’ Coaching Programme

A programme of support run exclusively for individuals who have been out of the workplace for a number of years, whether they’re an existing employee or new recruit. We design the content, frequency and timing of the programme according to the specific needs of your organisation, so it works best for your returners. Helping returners readjust to working life reduces feelings of isolation, builds confidence and shows that their employer is invested in their well-being.