1:1 Coaching

1:1 coaching provides personalised support to leaders, managers or employees. We recommend 1:1 coaching for addressing specific challenges, needs or goals that can’t be resolved in a workshop. It is also relevant and appropriate to use when an organisation wants to offer specialist support to their employees without committing to a full programme. Coaching sessions are available in blocks of three or six sessions and last 90 minutes each.

Often times of profound significance for individuals, managers and organisations, transitions are at the heart of our coaching work. Change comes in all shapes and sizes and is inevitable over time. Every person responds in a different way and at their own pace. Our 1:1 coaching helps employees build resilience and develop coping strategies to see them through times of personal or professional upheaval.

Becoming a parent can fundamentally alter one’s sense of identity. When employees return from parental leave, they may find their confidence shaken while their new skills might give them an opportunity for growth. Our 1:1 coaching provides practical, professional and psychological support during this transition. Our coaches are working parents themselves, giving them a unique insight into the pressures of balancing family and career.