26 April 2021

By Helen Sachdev

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When the Going Gets Tough, Career Coaching Helps

At WOMBA, we have had an influx of requests for career coaching. We anticipated those on furlough or at risk of redundancy reaching out. But we are interested to note the the number of professionals considering whether now might be the right time to change career direction.

According to a recent Government report analysing UK job movements, the pandemic seems to have been a real catalyst for a career move for professionals and technical specialists.

Almost 1 in 5 professionals/those in technical occupations have switched out of their job, with just over half of these people moving into a brand-new industry. A quarter of these were people aged 35 to 49; another quarter were aged 50 to 65 and the gender split across both groups was roughly 50:50.

WOMBA supports diversity and a diverse set of needs

Having analysed our own client base, those approaching WOMBA for career support and help with CVs and interview techniques have mainly been:

  • Career Switchers – either within or into a new industry
  • Exec to Non-Exec – those looking for their first Non-Exec role
  • Job Searchers – many of whom have not needed to update their CV for quite some time.

We are very proud of what our clients say about us:

WOMBA Testimonials

“I worked with (my WOMBA coach) to refocus my CV from a traditional Executive CV into something for a Non-Exec application. It’s never easy ‘blowing your own horn’ but through an elegant combination of advice and gentle questioning (my WOMBA coach) encouraged me to pull out the transferrable experiences, many of which I had largely dismissed whilst trying to do the CV myself. The result was a punchy CV which communicates a very different image to the one I started with – but equally and importantly for me, one which still felt like me, in my words. (My WOMBA coach) encouraged me to keep agency and ownership of the CV which felt empowering and made me feel excited about this new adventure.”

“I was in the process of completing an MBA degree and was struggling to get a job interview after a series of failed applications. (My WOMBA coach) assessed my CV and gave me the best advice I have ever received about how to present myself effectively through this document. My CV now looks better than it ever has, and she did all of this in the space of a few days, with a few simple steps. I cannot recommend WOMBA enough if you find yourself in a situation where you are confused as to what you are doing wrong with a job search! I really do think that I learned more about my CV and presenting myself last week than I did with 18months at a Business School!”

“(My WOMBA coach) has a great coaching style – very empathetic and compassionate. She had very practical and easily adoptable suggestions on how to bring about improvements in my communication / presentation style. She has the ability to help across varying stages of your career and personal growth.”

“After a twenty career in the finance sector, (my WOMBA coach) helped me to articulate and quantify my achievements. Working with (my WOMBA coach) also provided a broader understanding of my transferable skills and value.”

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