WOMBA speaks to d&i Leaders about flexible working

WOMBA director, Alison Green, contributes to an article in d&i Leaders on how inclusive new working practices are.

The traditional 9 to 5 is fast becoming obsolete, with the past three years seeing a dramatic shift in flexible working practices from flexible hours, hybrid working to the four-day week.

Alison says that flexibility empowers working parents to achieve a healthy work/life balance.

Triggered by COVID-19, the increase in flexible working practices has helped to create more inclusive organisations, says Alison. Flexibility empowers working parents and enables both mums and dads to manage their time between work and home requirements. For working mothers in particular, it reduces the need to make a choice between caring for family and having a career. Equal flexible working policies help to ensure the responsibility of caring can be shared and both parents can continue to manage their careers.

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