WOMBA welcomes new Flexible Working Bill

The U.K. government gifted an early Christmas present to millions of workers by proposing a new law that will grant the right to ask for part-time hours or home-working arrangements from the first day of a new job.

Additionally, approximately 1.5 million low-paid workers — such as those operating in the gig economy, plus students and carers — would be free to supplement their incomes by taking on second jobs and be protected against restrictive “exclusivity clauses”.

WOMBA director, Helen Sachdev, featured in a WorkLife article announcing the bill. She welcomed the updated Flexible Working Bill, saying that making flexible working the default model would “empower working parents” and create more inclusive organisations and communities.

“Flexibility allows parents — both mums and dads — to manage their time between work and home requirements”, Sachdev added. “It reduces the need to choose between caring for family and having a career”.

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