WOMBA (Work, Me, and Baby) helps businesses to support, retain, and develop employees during the life-changing experience of becoming a parent. This can significantly improve gender balance at the organisations we partner with.

Ensuring Great Returns

By supporting your employees through their transitions (both away from, and back into the workplace after starting a family) we aim to ensure that:

  • your prior investment in people is protected
  • your pipeline of talent remains healthy and balanced
  • your reputation as an employer of choice is enhanced for current and future employees

Programmes developed in partnership

Through our work with Tesco plc, along with input from key academics and experts in leadership development, we've created a series of best practices for maternity and paternity coaching. These are tailored for individuals and groups, and support new parents coming back to work.

Fronted by elite leadership coaches, our Transitions Programme brings together soon-to-be parents from different organisations, equipping them with the skills and confidence to balance their family needs and career goals. It's this collaboration of different experiences, expertise and perspectives that makes the programme such a unique and exciting development opportunity for your employees.

Individual places can be reserved on an ad-hoc basis with no further commitment required, making the Transitions Programme accessible for the broadest range of organisations, from small and medium enterprises to multi-national corporates.

So, whether you have multiple employees, or just one, contact us or download our brochure and prospectus to learn about the benefits of the Transitions Programme.

Maternity and Paternity Coaching

We offer one-to-one maternity and paternity coaching to support high potential and high performing individuals through their transitions out of and back into the workplace after parental leave.

Line Manager Group Coaching

Our Manager coaching programme improves awareness and develops capability in line managers, helping them to support maternity and paternity returners as they come back to work.

Contact us for a bespoke consultation or to arrange a booking.

Working with businesses and internal learning, HR, and diversity teams, we are able to configure our programmes to ensure that the right support and expertise is available to both colleagues and managers at every stage of the transition, tailoring this to suit the specific needs of every organisation.

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Finding your balance

Becoming a parent can be an incredible, enriching experience... but a successful career can be important too.

We’re not suggesting that it’s easy to balance family life with work - the phrase ‘having it all’ just makes many of us feel guilty about our choices - but we can help you explore how to get the best of both worlds.

At WOMBA we believe in finding the balance that’s right for you. Together, we’ll help you make positive choices and set appropriate boundaries, empowering you to be a confident and successful career parent.

A network of support

Join one of our monthly groups of soon-to-be parents, and benefit not just from the support of our elite coaches, but also from the network of like-minded people sharing the experience of becoming new parents.

Download our brochure and prospectus, or contact us for a confidential conversation, and learn how we can help you introduce this unique programme to your employer.

Watch our video of Global Board Director Deanna Oppenheimer, and her twenty-six year old daughter Jeni, sharing their thoughts on the benefits of being, and having, successful career parents.

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Our WOMBAssadors

The workplace is evolving, and modern employees face new choices and challenges. Today, with women being the principle breadwinners for 40% of families, the businesses that win in the war for talent will be those that are most responsive to the changing roles and needs of their employees.

Our WOMBAassadors represent a growing community of leaders and parents, from organisations that understand. You can find some of them sharing their personal stories on our YouTube Channel.

We share insights from our programmes with partner organisations, which in turn helps them to shape their strategies and policies. What we learn from working with each one individually helps all of our partners to benefit.

Contact us to discuss joining the WOMBAssador community.

It’s a powerful and connected community, growing all the time, and we’d love you to be a part of it.

Meet Helen and Dan

Helen Sachdev

HELEN SACHEV is a proud mother of two and senior executive and Trustee with both the CIMA UK Board and Leicester University Student’s Union with a track record in developing and scaling new business propositions internationally. Helen is an Accredited Executive Coach with Ashridge Business School and is committed to making the world a better place for working women.

Dan Godsall

DAN GODSALL is a senior executive with almost thirty years experience of leading and developing diverse teams of talented men and women. It was during a career break from corporate life to raise his then six month old son, Jesse, that Dan developed his passion for supporting working parents.

I’m under no illusions about how hard juggling work and family life will be

Making the effort to return to the workforce after my baby is born is anything but the easy option. But having dedicated such a lot to my career over the years, I’m unwilling to give it up in a single stroke. Working in a company with a good maternity scheme,…
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