About us

Who we work with

WOMBA supports organisations within the public, private and Government sectors.

WOMBA has worked with clients including Tesco, TalkTalk, Dyson, The Government Legal Department, Energy Savings Trust, Universal Music Group, AND Digital.

We believe that culture change is only possible when supported by high quality active listening and taking conscious steps.

Our Mission

We believe that:

  • Conscious steps need to be taken to become a more inclusive organisation
  • Leaders who learn to truly listen to all their employee groups will earn trust and loyalty
  • Organisations who are trusted will thrive, as will their employees

Our Story

WOMBA (Work, Me and the Baby) is an organisational and executive coaching practice. It was founded in 2015 and was borne out of a desire to champion and develop the careers of working parents and to combat the negative association between career progression and parenting.

Since then, WOMBA has expanded its coaching programmes to help organisations become more inclusive.

We partner with organisations to help them build trust across their workforce allowing diverse talent to thrive. Our approach is simple yet effective. We listen to the experience of employee groups and support leaders in taking conscious steps to change culture.

Our Team

Our two directors, Helen Sachdev and Alison Green, offer a unique blend of executive and non-executive careers, D&I Board experience and executive coaching expertise.

Both are accredited Ashridge executive coaches. Helen is a founding member of WOMBA with a portfolio career, mainly supporting organisations with a social purpose. Alison works with leaders and teams to achieve the work life they want through combining coaching depth with her diverse leadership experience.

As parents, we have experienced the highs and lows of having a family whilst trying to maintain and grow our careers. As leaders, we have championed diversity and inclusion in our organisations and departments.

Neither of these are easy. But we do believe our approach and coaching programmes create meaningful change for organisations and the diverse talent they want to retain.

We’re very proud of and passionate about the work we do.


We are delighted to share the testimonials we receive from our organisational clients and the consistently excellent feedback from those we coach.